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  • Under the cut you’ll find a masterlist of fly couple of names that would work for twins, and be logical and stuff. Basically, if the parents liked to make jokes or are super nitpicky about stuff, they would have chosen these.

    Aidan is Nadia in reverse.

    Both names are Hebrew, but Aliyah means “ascend” and Jordan means “descend”.

    The names are anagrams of each other.

    Both names mean “crown”, but Atarah is Hebrew and Stephen is Greek.

    Aurora means “dawn” in Latin.

    Brendan means “prince” in Irish while Sarah means “princess” in Hebrew.

    In Italian Cara means “beloved” and Mia means “my”. Together they mean “my beloved”, as the phrase caramia.

    Chandra means “moon” in Sanskrit and Selene is the Greek goddess of the moon.

    Victor Hugo is a super popular french author. How to look classy

    The names are anagrams of each other.

    Have you never had a Jack Daniels?

    Both names mean “dove”, but Columba is Latin and Jemima is Hebrew.

    Both names mean “laurel”, but Daphne is Greek and Laura is Latin.

    Both names mean “bee”, but Deborah is Hebrew and Melissa is Greek.

    The names are anagrams of each other.

    Both names mean “gazelle”, but Dorcas is Greek and Tabitha is Aramaic. In the New Testament the names refer to the same person (Acts 9:36).

    Both names are formed from the Greek elements doros “gift” and theos “God”, but the elements are in different order.

    They were heroic cousins in Greek Mythology.
    Have you never watched the Wizard of Oz?

    The Hebrews had two name elements meaning “God”. These names contain both elements, but in different order.

    Erica means “heather” in Latin.

    Both mean “life”, but Eve is Hebrew and Zoë is Greek.

    Both mean “help”, but Ezra is Hebrew and Ophelia is Greek.

    Hannah means “grace” in Hebrew.

    Ione means “violet” in Greek.

    The names are anagrams of each other.

    Both names mean “peace”, but Irene is Greek and Salome is Hebrew.

    The names are anagrams of each other.

    Both names are formed from the Hebrew elements yehu “the Lord” and matis “gift”, but the elements are in different order.

    The names are each other in reverse.

    Both names mean “light”, but Lucius is Latin and Uri is Hebrew.

    Margaret means “pearl” in Greek.

    The names are anagrams of each other.

    Both names are Greek, but Melanie means “dark” and Phoebe means “light”.

    Both names mean “gift of God”, but Nathaniel is Hebrew and Theodore is Greek.

    The names are anagrams of each other.

    Because we’re flawless.

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